What is the state of equality in The Equality State?

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You can help stop “religious freedom bills” headed to Wyoming

Members, Friends, and Allies,

What is the state of equality in The Equality State?  Well… we won marriage and that’s great!  But how are we doing when it comes to non-discrimination and transgender rights??  That’s another story!  Currently, Laramie is the only community that has passed a comprehensive ordinance banning discrimination against gay and transgender folks!  We have got to do better!

Discriminate to QueersI think it’s hard to argue against the fact that the backlash from winning marriage is coming in the form of these so called “religious freedom bills.”  First it happened in Indiana and Arizona.  Now it’s happening in North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and make no mistake; THESE TYPES OF BILLS ARE HEADED TO THE WYOMING LEGISLATURE IN 2017!  Some governors have vetoed and some have not!  What would happen in Wyoming?  Hopefully we never find out!

Having worked closely with the legislature these last few years, I can tell you some Wyoming lawmakers would wear these bills with a badge of honor.  They want us to leave and don’t think we have a right to a safe and discrimination free work environment!  They think denying gay and transgender people housing and accommodation is just fine!

Luckily our legislative friends are encouraging us to keep fighting and they’re telling us more ordinances, like the one passed in Laramie, would be extremely helpful in getting this cleared up once and for all!  We will accept this challenge and will continue working hard to bring more ordinances around the state.

This creates an economic challenge for us.  As you all know we live in a giant state, geographically.  If we want to continue helping folks organize in Lander, Gillette, Rock Springs, Evanston, Casper, Sheridan, and others we need your financial support!  Hitting the road and getting resources to community leaders and organizers is costly and time consuming.  But I assure you we won’t give up!  We can’t let these folks down and we need to deliver these communities to our legislative friends!

You can make this state a better place for LGBT Wyomingites.  Send us your tax deductible contribution today and together let’s make sure Wyoming truly is The Equality State.


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